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  1. volswagn

    Teaser: 2024 Toyota Tacoma gets 6 Speed Manual Transmission

    I heard that sales of the 2-door Wrangler are about 15% of all Wrangler sales. Manual transmissions overall represent 3% of all JL sales, according to recent numbers. I am part of a dying fanbase. Even for manufacturers of vehicles with a traditionally manual-favoring audience, there is likely...
  2. volswagn

    First Official Video From Scout Motors : "America's Next Shot"

    It's been all over YouTube based on rumors that spread at the latest Jeep sales conference, so just a rumor for now. Jeep is "electrifying" their entire lineup by I forget what date - a few years from now. The thought is that the 2-door makes up about 10-15% of Wrangler sales now, and I had...
  3. volswagn

    First Official Video From Scout Motors : "America's Next Shot"

    The marketing is a little out of control here, but I hope they don't miss. Also, if 2-door Jeeps really are going away as rumored this week, I don't think I'll have much loyalty to the Jeep brand beyond its legacy, so I'm open to whoever offers a 4wd EV that's more compact than a 4-door JL.
  4. volswagn

    Official: Scout Motors EV production will be in U.S. at new South Carolina plant! [Press Release Added]

    Would have loved to have heard it was going to a more union-friendly state, but I'm happy to see them moving forward and glad to hear they're opening up production in the US! Can't wait to see the first Scout EV roll of the assembly line!
  5. volswagn

    2026 Scout EV Price Estimate?? Hope and dream of affordability!

    SUV's are where companies make their profits, but with the price of EV raw materials, could be slimmer margins. My guess is this is an "all-in, out-the-door" base price $55K vehicle nicely equipped, with options up to $90K or so. Should we have a poll? ;) I hope it comes in at $40K, but I'm...