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    Hybrid Competition: 2024 Tacoma with Hybrid I-Force Max Engine, 4WD, Center-Locking Differential

    See the full release info at affiliate site Tacoma4G:
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    2024 Ranger & 405hp Ranger Raptor 🦖 Debut For NA Market

    The all-new U.S. Ranger and Ranger Raptor debut! Ranger: Ranger Raptor:
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    2024 Tacoma revealed in leaked *official* image!

    Leaked official 2024 Tacoma image!! - via affiliate site Tacoma4G
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    Teaser: 2024 Toyota Tacoma gets 6 Speed Manual Transmission

    05/02 Teaser: 6-Speed Manual Transmission Confirmed for 2024 Toyota Tacoma (via affiliate site Tacoma4G)
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    Ram 1500 REV Pickup Gets Up to 500 Miles Range (Full Specs Revealed)

    Ram 1500 REV Specs Released! Up to 500 Miles Range, 654 HP/ 620 lb-ft, 14,000 LBS Towing, 2,700 LBS Payload (at affiliate site Ram1500RevolutionForum)
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    First real life debut of 2024 Jeep Recon EV

    See @ affiliate site >
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    Official: Scout Motors EV production will be in U.S. at new South Carolina plant! [Press Release Added]

    Updated the first post with the official press release from Scout Motors, which includes design plans for the plant site. 👍
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    Official: Scout Motors EV production will be in U.S. at new South Carolina plant! [Press Release Added]

    We recently reported that the Scout EV SUV and pickup would be built at a new electric vehicle plant that the Volkswagen Group will build in the U.S. and we now know the location! South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster has just announced that the Scout Motor EV Plant will built in his state...
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    Jeep Recon EV will be powered by New Electric Drive Module (EDM) achieving range up to 500 miles

    EDM details @ sister-site JeepReconForum...
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    VW Scout EV to be Made in America at new U.S. EV Plant 🇺🇸👷‍♂️

    German newspaper Automobilwoche is reporting that the Scout EV SUV and pickup will begin production in 2026 from a new electric vehicle plant that the Volkswagen Group will build in the U.S. Volkswagen was previously in talks with Foxconn and Magna Steyr to help build the Scout Ev vehicles, but...
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    VW design chief is being replaced by Bentley design boss. Will Scout EV's design be affected?

    As reported today: VW design chief Jozef Kaban is being replaced with Bentley's design chief, Andreas Mindt. Mindt heads up his new position starting February 1. Since Kaban has been VW design chief since January...
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    VW Scout EV unlikely for Australian market because of its American focus

    Volkswagen’s Scout off-road electric brand unlikely for Australia Volkswagen's electric revival of the 1960s and 1970s Scout off-road brand is planned for left-hand-drive production – ruling it out for Australia for now. "The Scout is American focused, it's left-hand drive at this point only,"...
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    🙋🏻‍♂️ Introduce Yourself and Say Hello!

    Whether you’re a new or veteran member please introduce yourselves in this section and give others a warm welcome as they join the ScoutEVforum community! 👋 👊 Please feel free to share your vehicle history and how the upcoming Scout EV will fit into your story. 👍
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    Scout EV official teaser image and website launched!

    Scout Motors, a new division under parent Volkswagen has released a new teaser image of the upcoming Scout EV concept version and launched the official Scout website. The teaser shows the front end shape with SUV proportions, a strong tall stance, and large tires. Our enhanced version...
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    Report: Scout EV will be capable & affordable off-roaders; focus on aftermarket and customization

    Source: A report claims that the Scout EV is being developed as a true off-roader and that it won't arrive as the product of badge engineering. Jeff Bade, a prominent member of the vintage Scout community, wrote on Facebook...
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    Official: VW Scout Pickup and SUV Announced For U.S.

    Volkswagen Group to launch all-electric pick-up and rugged SUV in the United States May 11, 2022 Volkswagen Group plans to electrify iconic U.S.-brand Scout Independent company to be founded to design, engineer, and manufacture pick-up and rugged SUV (R-SUV) for the U.S. market Start of...